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            Euthanasia is defined as "the act of killing an individual for reasons being .
             " It is a planned self-deliverance from a painful and .
             hopeless disease. Today's society has many different names for it such as: .
             suicide, self-deliverance, auto-euthanasia, aid-in-dying, assisted suicide, death .
             with dignity, and playing God. I believe that no one or any one else has the .
             right to decide when it is time for a person to give up on life. .
             The first and most common reason for why someone might end their .
             life is that an advanced terminal illness is causing unbearable suffering. .
             Another reason is a severe physical handicap causing them to be completely .
             dependent on those who care for them. This is rare though. I believe that life .
             is precious and is worth fighting for. I am glad that assent-suicide is a crime .
             in most places, including here. The word euthanasia comes for a Greek word .
             meaning literally "good death." "Disconnecting respiratory devices is not a .
             acceptable method of euthanasia. It causes the patient to starve for oxygen .
             and gasp for it, but when he/she cannot breathe, the body is starved for .
             oxygen and suffocates. This is not merciful by any means, (Euthanasia)." .
             There is also another point that has to be looked at which is future .
             medical advances. It would reduce pressure on scientists to come up with .
             cures and symptomatic treatments for those of us who do want to live, no .
             matter the circumstances. It would have to be thought of through a different .
             point of view, think about the past. If euthanasia had been legalized 40 years .
             ago, there is a good chance that hospice care would not exist. I think that the .
             improvement in terminal cared is directly effects how good treatments to .
             minimize suffering. "If that suffering had been extinguished by extinguishing .
             the patients who bore it, then we may never have known the advances in the .
             control of pain, nausea breathlessness, and other terminal symptoms that the .

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