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            Does a person have the right to take his or her own life due to a terminal illness or a mental incabiliity they face? Sadly many who are already on the verge of death chose to do through a procedure called euthanasia or otherwise known as self admenistred suicide. Euthanasia is illegal in all but one part of the United States however it is still practiced by those who have no will to live. The debate on euthanasia is primarly two sided. On one side stands the conservative thinkers, doctors and religious scholars or catholics. On the opposing side stands more of the liberal thinkers or those who are directly effected by terminal illness'. It is predicted that over 25,000 Terminally ill Americans will turn to euthanasia just in the year 2003.
             The conservative part of the U.S. population are strongly against euthanasia. They consider it to be wrong, their arguments support their religion which say, Since humans did not create themselves they do not own our bodies. They are entrusted with them for care, nurture and safe keeping. God is the owner and giver of life and His rights in giving and in taking are not to be violated. Attempting to kill oneself is a crime in life as well as a grave sin. A poll conducted by the U.S PASA stated that 84% of Americans strongly support this idealogy. One main point made by religious groups is that "God does not send any experience that we cannot handle" . For some faith groups, such as the Roman Catholics, "human suffering can have a positive value for the terminally ill and the caregivers"."Our understanding of suffering is "a stumbling block" to the unbeliever for we know the value of suffering. Suffering unites us more closely to Christ our Redeemer, as it makes us conformed to him. Suffering enables us to make reparation for our sins and the sins of others. Suffering accepted lovingly can acquire merit for ourselves and for others. Suffering contributes to the growth of the Mystical Body.

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