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            " That is the question that our society is faced with today. Throughout the past decade, euthanasia and physician assisted suicide have become controversial topics in every culture and religion in the world. "Euthanasia is defined as the act or practice of ending the life of an individual suffering form a terminal illness or an incurable condition, as by lethal injection or the suspension of extraordinary medical treatment" (Webster's). Euthanasia is against all morals of almost all religions and should not be made legal in today's society. Christian, Muslims, Jewish, as well as other faith groups and religions believe that their higher power is the only person that can give the gift of life and in return, should be the only power that could take that life away. Suicide and physician assisted suicide would then be considered a rejection of the higher power's wishes and life plan for the person killed (Robinson). There is a fair amount of non- religious people in this world who do not agree with this act of painlessly killing someone, but it isn't all based on religion. As a human race, we need to realize that no matter how often we go back and forth with arguments, we are helping cause the death of a living being. For instance, Jack Kevorkian made headline news all around the world for his involvement in numerous killings. When did humans obtain such a right as to taking a life? States and countries have tried for years to gain control over this topic, but there is a reason that almost all states in America and countries in the world will never adopt the right to help someone else die. .
             Merlihan 2.
             Real Situations.
             In February of 1990, twenty six year old Terri Schiavo was found by her husband, Michael, unconscious on the floor of their home in Florida. She had suffered from cardiac arrest and unfortunately had irreversible brain damage due to the lack of oxygen (Wallis). Not only did this happen to Terri, but, to this day, she remains in a chronic state of "vegetation" and remains on a feeding tube.

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