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The Road Not Taken Essay

            The poem "The Road Not Taken" is about Robert Frost deciding what direction to take in life and how he has decided to change his life and follow a new path. The idea of "choices" people have to take during their lifetime is an everyday aspect of life. This poem reflects on how people are left to make decisions and often they have to choose between 2 possibilities or paths - "two roads diverged in a yellow wood". You don't know what each path holds for you and you wouldn't know what the future holds until you made the decision. This poem is giving the reader and listener a message to think hard about, in this case the listeners are the boys of the Dead Poets Society. The message portrayed is that before you make decisions think hard and don't make quick decisions, take your time, don't jump to conclusions quickly and consider all the possibilities. This message is conveyed through the quotes "be one traveller, long I stood and looked down as far one as I could to where it bent in the undergrowth". The poem informs the boys about decision making. You should make wise choices and you should not make decisions for the sake of it. This is a major reason why I would read this poem to the Dead Poets Society because many of the boys have made decisions that rebel against Welton and when I read this poem out, it would make each individual think hard about the decisions they have made (escape conformity and "live and extraordinary life") - are the decisions each individual made correct, wise? (E.g. Neil Perry's dream to become an actor). I would read this poem out to the Dead Poets Society because the poem greatly relates to the actions and decisions the boys are taking during their formation of the society. This poem is a metaphor of life and choices. The poems express the conflicts between person's ambitions and the desire to fulfill their idealistic visions of life and the often harsh reality of failure.

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