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Reflective Essay - My Writing Skils

            Writing has never been a problem with me until this year. Growing up, my teachers would tell me how outstanding my papers were and how I was such an excellent writer. Maybe I was an excellent writer for the grade level I was in. Somewhere along the road I stopped advancing in my writing, but being in Dr.Rogers class this semester I have learned exactly where I lost track. Her class has shown me my mistakes and I have learned from them. In the beginning of this semester my essays were failing and barely passing and I couldn't understand why. I thought that my essays were very clear, orderly, and on topic but my professor thought otherwise. Several times I was sure I had a passing grade and still made a C or D on an assignment. Errors like an unclear topic and not being able to understand were discouraging and frustrating to me. I figured if there was a misunderstanding I should start from the beginning and reread because I could have misunderstood also. I'd look up words and write down notes to make sure there was understanding to what I was reading, but that didn't help. I began to think that writing was not for me. I was disappointed in myself because I was once a good writer, I wasn't understanding where I was going wrong so I stopped trying.
             After a while realization kicked in and I knew that if I was barely passing and I was trying if there was no effort at all I'd flunk. Sometimes you need a little self motivation. In previous essays there were simple and careless mistakes.spelling for example, words that I knew how to spell would be spelled incorrectly with an extra letter or missing a letter. Another mistake.
             was capitalizing the wrong letters at times, we learned about what was appropriate for upper and lower case in elementary school. simply because I did not go back and re-read my paper or revise my essays I lost major points on assignments.The last two writing assignments I went back and looked at the grading rubric.

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