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Overview of Writing Assignments

            I have learned a lot so far in English 102. Throughout the semester, I've developed as a writer. The assignments within this corse helped me do so. I feel as though my writing skills improved throughout the semester. The purpose of this memo is to evaluate my progression as a writer. I will analyze how my writing has progressed through course work. .
             My best example of writing at this point would be my Research Narrative. I feel that I did a good job on this because of the activities that prepped me for it. I also felt proud of my work because it was about my hometown. We read many narratives such as "Patient," "The Washing," and "The Moment." I was unsure on how to write a narrative before reading these stories. However, I gained insight on how to be persuasive within a personal narrative. I feel that the purpose of my essays improved over time. I gained a better understanding throughout the semester on how to persuade, inform, and entertain within a piece of writing. I now am more focused on what I am trying to achieve within my writing.
             As a writer, I have not taken risks. I hope to in the next semester. I want to make my writing my own by writing how I want to write. As a writer, I like to make my work unique. My work for this course illustrates that I am capable of writing personal narratives and analyzing papers. I will continue to work on becoming a better writer by engaging in all this class has to offer. The work I have done this far has helped prepared me for the work to come. By doing the Personal Research Essay and the Analysis Paper, I will now be prepared to write a Researched Argument Essay. .
             Outcome of Writing (Sub-heading).
             I improved as a writer and a reader throughout the semester. I developed in many areas such as:.
             - Self-assessing my own work and the work of others.
             - Using research to come up with an argumentative essay.
             - Using critical thinking to practice writing, reading, and research.

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