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Sample Essay Assignment - Explaining Opposing Positions

            Assignment - Writing an Expository Essay .
             This means that you will write an explanation and an interpretation of two opposing viewpoints on the debatable topic you chose to explain in Essay 3. YOU WILL NOT EXPRESS AN OPINION IN THIS ESSAY. The aim or purpose of this essay is to explain major opinions and concepts related to two opposite opinions on the topic you have chosen. At the end of the essay, your reader should have a solid overview of the topic and a strong sense of the major arguments for and against the topic issue. You are building your knowledge of a significant issue and are using that knowledge to inform your reader, NOT to persuade them.
             NB (Note Well): Even though you are writing about the opinions of others, you will not express your own opinion(s) or take a stance on the topic. You must cultivate and maintain an objective point of view throughout this essay, even though you are presenting and explaining debatable issues surrounding the opposing viewpoints on the topic.
             Your task is to use quality source material to explain what each of two points of view on the debatable issue is, what it means, and its significance to your reader. You will document (give credit to the author) for each source using parenthetical in-text citation (Author Page) and a list of sources formatted in Works Cited style following the MLA Style Guide.
             Strategies: The syllabus suggests that you find one major resource explaining each of the two major points of view on the debatable topic. To support the essay, these single resources must be well developed, specific, but large in scope. You may find it necessary to use more than one source for each point of view. Use the Points of View Reference Center and Opposing Viewpoints databases as a starting point. If you used these resources in Essay 3, you are familiar with the overviews and Pro/Con question format used to organize the collections of sources.

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