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Learning Styles

            These learning style tests pretty much pinpointed all the different learning styles and abilities of those in the class. These test results separated each style into two parts. These two parts would be very opposite and often make the reader have higher order thinking time in order to determine their place in the rankings. The rankings, however, are not concrete and are flexible in certain situations or subjects.
             One group of these styles was Active or Reflective learners. With being an active learner, the person tends to learn and understand information by applying it in a hands-on situation. Active learners tend to like to work in groups of people. They find the stimulation more of a help instead of being quiet and alone. Reflective learners, however, like to be alone and quiet. A reflective learner likes to think things through thoroughly. They are not the kind of people to just skim through things just to get it down. Unlike the active learners, reflective learners give themselves time to think, often choosing the higher order thinking assignments as their best pieces of work. With both the active and reflective learners, some conflicts in learning styles may be in the classroom. In order to help themselves, the learners need to take the extra steps in order to achieve their highest abilities. The active learners need to work in a group, using the different members as teachers of different topics. The stimulation will help the active learner retain more information. The reflective learner, however, needs to work alone but not just to memorize the information. They should really write short summaries of what they read in their own words and to stop periodically in order to make sure the information is being comprehended. I am an active learner. On the rankings of the test results, I scored in the highest section of the active learners. This is pretty much true. I am often looking for hands-on assignments where I am able to do a visual presentation and "get dirty" with glue and glitter and just to have fun.

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