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Learning Styles and the Learning Process

            Learning style is a step by step process, and therefore, it requires teachers and students to learn the basic skills or techniques that would make it effective at the end of the day. Students that are taught by perfect teachers always tend to have the best education that helps them be better people in the real world. Teachers, therefore, need to have the basic skills and more so need to know the individual learning styles that can be used to further learning in the education sector. The following are some of the best-known learning styles that must be taught by teachers; visual, auditory, kinetics & reading. The four learning styles are the main driving force behind the primary driving sectors and teachers who learn and understand them, are bound to succeed in parting knowledge on their students who follow their lectures attentively. Teachers can, therefore, teach a lot of information in a very short period if they know these learning styles.
             The visual and reading are a way of delivering learning materials to the students include graphs, picture, and information that can be seen or visualized. This type of teaching if mastered by the teacher is significant because it creates a long lasting impression on the mind of the students. Students are always as good at reading body language, and thus, when the teacher is teaching them, they must use body language to deliver their lecture (Gunn & Richburg, 2007). The teacher should also be good in memorizing information so that the students end feeling to part and parcel of the learning process. Students who are taught by teachers who have great visual abilities as styles in teaching have proved to be very efficient and all-around students who recall all that they are taught. The teacher should take the time to view how the students respond to the whole process of teaching.
             The second learning style that is necessary for the teacher always to have in mind should be auditory learning style.

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