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Learning Styles

             History Of Styles & Personalities . II.
             Types Of Personalities . III.
             A Multistyle Approach To Foreign Language Education . IV.
             Conclusion V.
             I. Why It Matters.
             Learning styles are defined as, the different ways in which children and adults learn. As teachers and educators, we are responsible to facilitate the learning process to our students. To accomplish this, we need to understand how people learn. Not only do we need to know in what way our students learn best, we need to know how we learn best.
             People are different from each other. Their diversity springs from multiple sources, upbringing, religion, culture, etc. and is evident in behavior. An additional source of diversity, also evident in behavior, is personality type.
             Usually people come to prefer, and rely on, one main learning style above the others. Teachers need to be aware of the main styles when creating instructional material and adjusting their teaching style to the student(s) preference. .
             One common complaint about the modern educational system is that it is based on the assumption that everyone has the same learning style. If the student doesn't fit, we try to change them. The problem is no amount of getting after them or telling them to try harder is going to work.
             II. History Of Styles & Personalities.
             Four basic psychological types were identified as far back as 450 B.C. Each psychological type has its own learning style. Knowing your style can not only help you learn faster, but can also help clarify your interests and motivating values.
             Jung, as cited in Shultz & Sydney 2001, stated people are different in fundamental ways even though they all have the same multitude of instincts to drive them. One instinct is no more important than another. What is important is our preference for how we function.

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