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Thinking and Learning Styles in Education

             Thinking and Learning Styles in Education is a incredible broad subject, it encompasses multiple thought processes, theories, and philosophies. I will be focusing on how teachers can use the theories of learning styles to better reach a larger amount f their students. I have three primary sources that will support my argument that teacher need to use research and resources to teach more of their students. These sources are: Harold Pashler's "Learning Styles: Concepts and Evidence," Carol Simpson's "Effects of Learning Styles and Class Participation on Stunts' Enjoyment Level in Distributed Learning Environments," and finally William Stewart's "Learning-Style-Appropriate Instruction: Planning, Implementing, Evaluating.".
             First of all what is a learning style? For the purpose of this essay I will be relying on multiple definition of what a learning style is. Firstly, a learning style can be thought of "as characteristic cognitive, affective, and physiological traits that serve as relatively stable indicators of how learners perceive, interact with and respond to the learning environment." (Stewart, 1990, 371) However this is not the only definition of learning styles, another is "learning styles emanate from natural, inborn inclinations. The individual's learning style manifest itself through preferred senses and personality characteristics." (Stewart, 1990, 371) In laymen terms, each person learns differently, whether they are visual, kinestectic, or auditory learners depends greatly on their persona; preferences and potential. Whether this is biologically decided or environmentally is a debate for another time. "The term 'learning styles' refers to the concept that individuals differ in regard to what mode of instruction or study is most effective for them" (Pashler, 2009, 105) But where did the concept of learning styles come from.

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