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Integrated Learning

             Question 1: Argue the case for higher education moving beyond the aim of acquisition of information towards a deep approach to learning. Give examples of how this may be achieved in your own studies.
             Today's education system is ineffectual and needs a wider, deeper approach to cater for the many needs of learners today. The age old approach of simple acquisition of information is no longer feeding the minds of today's students, just as it was a poor form of learning for all students past. The day's of the lecturer standing at the front of the class droning on about the facts and not really teaching are slowly coming to a close as many teachers adapt to theses relatively unused methods of teaching. From using logos and legein to knowing that some students are groupers or stringers to catering for the 7 types of intellect, teachers are slowly awakening to the fact that students need a deeper approach to learning and to do that teachers need a deeper approach to teaching. It is not only the teachers that have to change however, deeper learning is a two way affair, and the students also need to know how to learn, by being present, practising humility and generally having a!.
             positive innermost attitude.
             In the past, the education system as a whole, only ever used the one form of teaching, and that was purely acquisition of information, learn the facts but never bother to understand or comprehend them. The largest problem to arise from this was that many students were classed as "stupid" because they couldn't handle the way teachers were teaching. There was no time spent on exploring these student's minds or finding a different way of teaching, and there was no concept of the 7 different types of intellect. .
             This was followed by a general turn off in class by most of the kinaesthetic learners, which inevitably resulted in lower grades than they were capable of. From my own experience, in a show of rebellion about being locked up in these drab, uninteresting classrooms, the mind wanders to other forms of entertainment that usually include the disruption of the class.

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