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Computers and Technology in the Classroom

            Computers and similar technologies are now in almost every school across the United States. Restructuring efforts have included the addition of technology in education and has begun to make technology skills a separate standard for students to accomplish. As technology becomes more widespread and readily available, tax payers are asking researchers in education to provide data that allows for thoughtful decision making on the use of technology for learning. .
             How Technology has Evolved Over Time.
             The first time a computer was implemented in education was in 1970. The first use of it was for students to learn a program. Ever since then, use of computers in a classroom has rapidly evolved. As computer technologies and software developers became more knowledgeable about computers, software began to become more sophisticated which led to teachers using computers more and more as a resource in the classroom. Students would follow commands on the computer screen and would receive rewards for answering correctly. Students began to learn through playing games and very simple simulations. Teachers begun to notice the value of computers in education as you could apply them across all areas of study. .
             After the computer had been in use for some time, the Internet was finally developed and it greatly impacted technology use. Suddenly, a vast library of knowledge was at the fingertips of many student as well as access to a network of people throughout the world that enhanced communication and the exchanging of ideas. Collaborative groups started to become a normal thing in some classrooms and online courses were available to students which led to many more learning opportunities than previously before. .
             Does technology make a difference? .
             Research in old-style classroom settings have shown that technology can have a positive impact on a student's academic performance as long as certain factors are present.

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