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Technology in 21st Century Classrooms

             The rapid increase in the use of technology in our everyday lives has greatly changed the way we interact with one another. Within the past few years, technology has drastically changed the way we see the world, and has also significantly affected our mode of behaviors and even changed our lifestyles. The changes brought about by technology have also contributed to modification in our educational system. Nowadays, the medium of teaching and learning has been transformed to align with the changes brought about by modern day technology. For example, the use of the electronic whiteboard has replaced the traditional blackboard-and-chalk method of teaching. Likewise, students can now study through e-readers instead of the normal paper textbooks. In spite of the many advantages of technology integration to our modern day system of education, there are still reluctant within the system whether to fully embrace the integration into the classroom or not. Nevertheless, technology integration into modern day educational system is poise to positively transform the experiences of both teachers and the students far beyond their imaginable in the days and years to come. The purpose of this research paper is to present evidence to support the idea that technology integration is more advantageous to the improvement of academic experiences for both students and teachers than its perceived disadvantages. The research will seek to answer the question; would the integration of technology in the classroom provide better learning experiences for the students than the classroom without technology integration?.
             Literature Review.
             It is argued that the full potential of technology integration into the 21st century classroom is yet to be realized (Biancarosa & Griffiths, 2012). Biancarosa and Griffiths (2012) point out that the full potentials of technology integration into the educational system will be realized when such integration is genuinely useful to both the teachers and the students.

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