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             Education is a subject almost unlike any other because it relates litterally to every aspect of society - political, social, economic, moral, cultural, ethical and so on - and indeed to every part of a person's life. The question of education deserves high priority because it is one of the principal means available to foster a deeper and more harmonious form of human development and thereby to reduce poverty, exclusion, ignorance and war.
             Good educational provision, from earliest school through the school years and to learning through adulthood, is indeed the basis for a healthy, stable and successful society as well as the basis for the transimission of moral, ethical and cultural values. And, of course, it is a major contributor to economic growth, with the particular double aspect of being both a cause and a consequence of it. .
             It is for all these reasons that education has to be at the top place in a nation's priorities. The question of education cannot but be considered together with the great changes our contemporary society is undergoing, particularly the two "macro" changes of globalization on the one hand, and the revolution in information and communication technology on the other.
             Because of globalization, our world is becoming increasingly complex and sophisticated, depending on continuous innovations in a wide range of political, financial, social and cultural areas, thus requiring more and more educated people, capable of taking part in this developing trans-national culture. .
             This situation is surely accelerated by technological advances, which have transformed our society in the variously described "new knowledge-", "information-" or "communications-" society. We are living in a period of rapid and important computer developments, which have of course a dramatic impact on education. Advances in seeking and transmitting information directly influence the way we learn and teach.

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