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Technology in the Classroom

            In the past years, there has been an increasing trend towards technology-enhanced classrooms. Learners with behavioral disorders have specific learning needs. The challenges of academic tasks are so immense for them and their ability. These individuals, therefore, represent the lowest achievements. Students with learning and behavioral disorders with a host of competing events and distraction, most put significant effort into a specific academic task. For instance, the physical process of reading or writing as they put more focus on adjusting for their disability (Flanagan, Bouck & Richardson, 2013). When more tasks are added, the ability of the student to cope is compromised, and this sets off frustration and behavioral problems and aggression follow. For most learners with EBD, assistive technology holds the promise of minimizing the implications of their disabilities since it is compensatory. Therefore, it allows the students to focus their ability on particular demands of important academic tasks and successfully demonstrate acceptable behavior that could not do sans the assistive technology (Brown, 2011). When considering how the educator or the earner can use assistive technology to manage academic and social behavior in the classroom, there are four general tips that must be considered (Flanagan, Bouck & Richardson, 2013).
             1. Consider the Antecedents .
             For any student expected to meet the demands of specific academic tasks for instance reading, writing or mathematical calculations, problem behaviors can normally be caused by antecedents or things preceding the problem behavior. The antecedents, in turn, interfere with the task performance. Examples of teacher and child expectations, objectives and goals that prompt action and constraints, as well as shape action, indicating what is not and what acceptable behavior is. Assistive technology could be used as an intervention that minimize potential triggers of undesirable behavior.

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