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Technology in Classrooms

            Technology as I see it, is growing exponentially everyday. There has not been a day that has gone by in the past few years where I have not come across some piece of new technology. With that in mind, it is very important that the next generation is brought up to speed with all of the technology that is available today. Computer knowledge is a prerequisite for almost any job out there today. Technology has the capability to be incorporated into every aspect of our lives. Since children spend most of their day in schools, we have an obligation to them to show the kind of technology that is available to them. .
             As a future educator, I understand the importance of teaching technology early in a child's education. A child learns more with teacher instruction as well as hands on learning. The new software programs for classrooms now are just amazing. They have the ability to monitor a student's individual progress as well allow students to go at their own pace. This helps the entire class to have equity and no child is left behind. Another important factor to having a software- based curriculum is because this will help familiarize students with computers and technology before going off to college or the job market. If we do not start integrating software into the schools now then our school system will get left behind in the growing industry know as technology. .
             Some schools are just starting to use software for teachers to do grading, lesson plans, and all of their daily activities. This has been a great improvement from the previous paper and pencil way. This will cut down the time spent on housekeeping procedures so that teachers can focus their time on curriculum. This will also allow students to see just how helpful technology can be in their lives and then they will want to learn more about it. Computer languages are being taught in every school now because it is a requirement for college.

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