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Increasing Technology in the Classroom

            Schools districts across the country are starting programs to introduce the latest technology into the classroom. The increase of devices in schools means more independent access to technology for students, which has both negative and positive aspects. Before technology is increased in any learning environment, schools must consider important factors concerning the digital education revolution. .
             When expanding the use of technology in education, it is essential to consider whether access to the unlimited information of the Internet is simply too much for students. Technology can offers information to anyone, but this can be a double-edged sword. On one hand, students are able to instantaneously research topics they have a passion for with access to countless sources. On the other hand, author Esther Dyson argues that the amount of information detracts from students ability to process information for themselves (Dyson). Indeed, information is given quickly and succinctly enough so that students do not have to think, they just have to absorb (Dyson). If students are thinking less for themselves, they may take the word of unreliable sources of the Internet as truth and will not be able to develop their own opinions. The constant stream of stimuli from technology also leads to students preference for immediate gratification in place of the traditional learning process (Richtel). Because so much information is available, it is important for schools to know how much their students can handle without losing their abilities to think for themselves. .
             Another important factor in introducing technology into schools is the degree of efficiency of digital curriculums. The question educators ought to ask is, what does technology provide for students and teachers and how effective is it? It is important to know whether certain technologies facilitate goals for providing the most comprehensive education for as many people as possible.

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