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The Benefits of Technology in Education

            Technology has had an undeniable impact on society, especially education. Both teachers and students are using technology in the classroom more frequently than ever before. Technological advancements are also quite crucial to learners with disabilities. Though the substantial development of technology has affected education by classes becoming more dynamical between teachers and students with technology, some argue that these advancements will soon backfire. From online learning to interactive white boards to social media, technology continues to positively reshape the school experience.
             The progress of technology has had many positive effects and outcomes for education. Technology provides greater access to information, supports learning, and motivates and enhances students' self-esteem. Such positive technological advancements in education include the Internet, Encyclopedia Britannica, and the fact that other researchers are at the fingertips of the learner. These resources allow the students to better comprehend information as they have the ability to gather vast information about their lesson. Furthermore, kids today can retrieve all types of information at a much faster rate than ever before. With the majority of students owning a cell phone, they can Google anything and find multiple reliable sources of information within seconds and stay up-to-date on now vague things that are going on in the real world with politics, sports, and current events. This instantaneous information enables students to be more educated and informed. Over the last decade, research has proven that technology enhanced literary developments such as reading comprehension and vocabulary development. Pearson Education concluded that "a wide range of digital tools enhance reading comprehension and vocabulary development by providing students access to word pronunciation, word meaning, contextual information, and comprehension scaffolds to guide an individual's reading" (O'Hara and Pritchard).

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