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Theories of Classroom Management

             Classroom management is important, especially for beginner teachers, because it helps make those first few years of teaching easier when there is an effective classroom management system in place. Nearly one third of new teachers leave their teaching jobs within the first two years, and almost all of those teachers say that the reason behind them leaving is because of problems with classroom management. Basically, a great classroom management system means a happier teaching experience.
             In an ineffective, poorly-managed classroom, trouble becomes the norm as students are able to get away with all sorts of misbehaviors as the teacher does not have an effective classroom management system in place. The students are disorderly, causing the teacher to not be able to teach, which leads to the students not learning. However, in an effective, well-managed classroom, there is an environment where teaching and learning can happen. Having this type classroom requires a great deal of effort in the creation and maintaining of a classroom management system that is effective, and this is the responsibility of the teacher.
             Classroom management is much bigger than just classroom discipline and controlling student behavior. In fact, classroom management includes actions taken both before and after student misbehavior occurs. It is important to keep in mind that many variables can cause students to act up, such as poorly designed classroom seating, ineffective classroom rules and procedures, not planning for the first day, parental involvement issues, students with disabilities, etc. The goal of classroom management is to eliminate all of these variables and to learn how to plan for and deal with student misbehaviors.
             Organizing Classroom and Supplies.
             Organizing the classroom is important because it is the key to effective classroom management. Classroom organization, which is about how a teacher plans the physical classroom environment, is the starting point for classroom management as all teachers face this task before the school year begins.

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