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Classroom Management Interview

             Zora Neale Hurston Elementary is an "A" school located directly behind W. Thomas Middle School (a feeder school to Braddock and most local gangs). It is located in a suburban area off a busy street (Coral Way). Most students in the school come from low-income immigrant families, 70-75% of all students are on free or reduced lunch. The residential area feeding the school is a large, predominantly blue collar, Hispanic trailer park. As a result most parents of students at Zora Neale do not speak English and are not educated beyond middle or high school. This fact has posed a problem recently as FCAT scores have come back and are not all positive, the handicap is that many well-meaning parents cannot help the situation as they cannot read with their children in English.
             At Zora Neale I observe with Mrs. Mabel Granda, a ten-year teaching veteran. She has spent four years at and inner city school and the last six years here at Zora Neale. I met Mrs. Granda when she was my ESOL 4902 instructor at Nova and later learned from a mutual friend and MDPS employee and Mrs. Granda was an excellent teacher and that I would greatly benefit form observation time with her, which I have.
             Mrs. Granda's class is made up of higher-level 2nd graders involved in the bilingual education program. This means that one subject (in this case Social Studies) is taught in Spanish, in addition to daily Spanish classes with a separate teacher. Also unique to her group is that Mrs. Granda has been involved in a cycle program where teachers follow their students from 1st to 2nd grade, thus maintaining the same group for two years. I feel this helps because you can dedicate more time to establishing order, rules, and procedures at first knowing you will have two years to enforce them. I also feel this is a positive program because it allows you more of an opportunity to establish real connections with your students.

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