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Education Initiatives in Africa

            ´╗┐Provincial District Capacity Research report: .
             The Foundational Learning Task Team is a team representative of the Human Resource Development Council (HRDC) which is lead and chaired by the Deputy President of South Africa. It is coordinated by the Deportment of Basic Education and is a multi-stakeholder/ multi-disciplinary body which aims at improving resource development and skills of all South Africans.
             Through the Foundational Learning Technical Task Team (Task Team of the Human Resources Development Council) we set out to identify blockages in the schooling system and propose measures that can be used to support the Department of Basic Education (DBE) in managing this. The team set out to develop a set of recommendations in line with the identified area of District Capacity improvement. This refers to the delivery capacity f districts which in turn will enhance and support the education system in the identified provinces. We were tasked with the intervention in Limpopo, Waterberg District.
             2. Methodology.
             The methodology employed for the process review included both qualitative and quantitative methods. A comprehensive design and methodology for the visit, including an implementation plan and a set of instruments were developed for use by the task team members. The task team members were trained in the use of the instruments with the purpose of confirming that valid and reliable data is collected and documented;.
             The methods will mainly be used to capture the district information around resources at their disposal, financial and human capacity. In additional to the quantitative data we would also collate information within district level. This includes the experiences of the district staff in providing school monitoring and support requirements.
             3. Description of the target population:.
             The Identified population for this intervention included identified leaders and stakeholders in the Waterberg District.

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