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Hospitality Management - Assessment Record Form and Marking Grid

             This report aims to clarify the role of United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), within the global tourism industry. Moreover it will be elucidated how UNESCO influences the world tourism. Firstly, the report will begin with a definition of tourism and the description of his size and scope. Secondly, the report will analyse: the fairness of the assignation of World Heritage (WH) and the main UNESCO's objectives. Thirdly, the report will outline some conclusions and propose some recommendations.
             The Tourism Industry.
             According to the United Nations World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO, 2011), Tourism includes the activities of people travelling to and staying in places outside their usual location for less than one consecutive year. Merith (2011) states that tourists can have many reasons to travel such as leisure, religion, health, work and the wish to visit the relatives, friends or lovers living far. According to Borein et al (2002), tourism can be: domestic, i.e. if tourists travel within their own country, inbound when tourists visit another country from abroad, outbound when people travel away from their countries. According to Conwill (2011) the Tourism industry represents five percent of the global GDP and employs directly one every twelve people in advanced and developing countries. Moreover it creates a huge number of work opportunities also in other industries, in fact, as stated by the UN Environment Program (2011), the Tourism industry generates one and a half additional jobs for every worker directly employed. The Authority on World Travel and Tourism (WTTC, 2013), states that the tourism industry generates annually one trillion dollars also from the exports of products, which is one third of the global export market. According to the United Nations World Tourism Organization¬†(UNWTO, 2013) the above figures are estimated to grow because the total number of international tourist arrivals may reach 1.

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