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            Oracle 10g: Infrastructure for Grid Computing Page 1.
             What is all the hype about grid computing?.
             Today, islands of computing within organizations make inefficient use of.
             resources. Systems are slow to change and expensive to maintain.
             Grid computing addresses these problems by providing an adaptive software.
             infrastructure that makes efficient use of low-cost servers and modular storage,.
             which balances workloads more effectively and provides capacity on demand.
             By scaling out with small servers in small increments, you get performance and.
             reliability at low-cost. New unified management allows you to manage.
             everything cheaply and simply in the grid.
             What is new about grid computing?.
             Grid computing removes the fixed connections between applications, servers,.
             databases, machines, storage - every component of the grid. By treating.
             everything in the grid as a virtualized service, intelligent systems can optimize.
             resource utilization and responsiveness.
             Grid computing is based on five fundamental attributes: virtualization, dynamic.
             provisioning, resource pooling, self-adaptive systems, and unified management.
             What is Oracle doing with grid computing?.
             Oracle 10g allows companies to begin evolving their IT toward a grid.
             computing model. For storage, databases, application servers, and applications,.
             Oracle's new technology meets the requirements of grid computing. Together,.
             Oracle Database 10g, Oracle Application Server 10g, and Oracle Enterprise.
             Manager 10g provide the first complete grid infrastructure software.
             This paper introduces and defines grid computing for businesses and describes.
             how Oracle 10g products implement a grid infrastructure.
             Oracle 10g: Infrastructure for Grid Computing Page 2.
             Enterprise IT is under continuous pressure to do more with less. Change is.
             constant, and companies need to adapt quickly to stay competitive. Meanwhile,.
             requirements for availability and performance increase, while budgets tighten.

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