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Convergent & Divergent Thinking

             People who analyze and reach a logical conclusion can be considered a convergent thinker. Divergent thinkers tend to throw the rules out of the window and be very creative. We need both to function well. The human brain is split down the middle into two parts, known as left and right brain. Over the years scientists have learned different parts of the brain control different parts of the human body, and people are known to have either left brain or right brain dominance.
             Most individuals have a distinct preference for one of the styles of thinking. There is right brain and left brain. Right brain people would be descriptive, and concrete. Left brain people would be more likely to remember names and better at recognizing people and be more in touch with reality. Some are more whole brained and equally adapt at both sides. .
             This particular person would be well-rounded, distinctly individualistic, artistic, active and a multidimensional learner. They would also be logical and disciplined, and can operate well within an organization. They are very sensitive towards others. Learning might take longer for them, but they tend to retain material longer than those other individuals with the same intelligence, and will alternate between logic and impulse.
             More than likely, they would feel content with their life and themselves. But at times be very critical of themselves, and of others. Indecisiveness is a weakness and creativity may not be in keeping with their potential. Their ability to pay attention to detail is well-established and .
             should lead them to success, regardless of their chosen field. .
             People with an even balance are very functional and practical, and can blend abstractions and theory into their framework. In any given situation they opt for the rational, and learning of almost any type should be easy for them. They might need certain ideas explained to them in order to fit them into the scheme of things, but they are very open to new ideas.

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