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Organizational Effectiveness

            Organizations are developed or ruined based on how well they perform. According to Yelken, Kilic, and Ozdemar (2012), organization effectiveness is closely tied to strategic planning. Strategic planning requires organization leaders to consider the implications certain business factors will have on their organizations effectiveness, and ultimately, the organizations sustainability (Gelfand, Leslie, Keller, and de Dreu, 2012). Educational Enterprises (a pseudonym) is one organization that must assess its effectiveness for sustainability. To gain insight into the culture and climate of the organization, the author interviewed three employees at different stages of employment within the organization. This paper will reveal the summaries of the interviews, share the findings, and recommend appropriate actions to ensure sustainability of the organization. .
             Management Team Member Interview Summary.
             According to a member of the management staff, Educational Enterprises is an organization that prides itself on the vision it has to be the leading childcare education company throughout the United States. The staff member asserts that based on the organization's mission of partnering with families to provide the best care and a balanced academic foundation for children, the organization is exceeding this objective. In addition, the management staff member suggested that the internal values of the organization set it apart from similar organizations within the educational childcare industry. .
             Values of integrity, fairness, social responsibility and enthusiasm are upheld by both staff and management daily. These core values are at the center of the organizations operations and organizational culture. The management member went on to indicate that organizational culture conflicts did not exist because the daily operations were embedded in the core values, and those values guided everything that happened within the organization, from the owners, through the management team, down to the staff members.

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