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Organizational Behavior

            Organizational Behavior (OB) is a field of study that researches the influence that individuals, groups, and structures have on the behavior within an organization. The purpose of studying organizational behavior is to apply knowledge learned in the research to help improve the organization's effectiveness. This is a very important factor in maintaining any organization because it affects the performance. When you continue to apply techniques to make an organization become more effective, the more successful an organization will be. Individuals in the organization, groups throughout the organization, and the structure of the organization are the three determinants that make up the behavior of an organization.
             The individuals in an organization need to have job satisfaction. After all, happy workers are productive workers. This means that the upper management needs to constantly communicate with their employees. Employees need to feel like their boss is friendly, trusting, and approachable. The best leaders are those that exhibit consistent behavior, regardless of the situations they face. Psychology has contributed a lot to this part of OB. Psychology is the science that studies the actions of individuals. Therefore, most psychologists look at problems that most organizations face with their employees.
             The groups that formed throughout the organization need to be effective in achieving their goals. Groups in an organization can help to improve working conditions for themselves and their fellow co-workers. Good communication needs to be practiced within the group. This means that the group needs to be approachable and coachable. The most effective groups are those that are devoid of conflict. Sociology and Social psychology has contributed to this part of OB. Sociology and Social psychology both deal with studying groups" behavior.
             The structure of an organization is important also.

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