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Conflict Management and Organizational Behavior

            Organizational behavior goal is can improve the workplace performance with understanding the motivations of employees and the culture. Organizational behavior means actions, attitudes of a person, groups toward one another, and toward the organization as one. This can have an affect on the organization performance and function. An organizations success is the ability of understand the internal strengths and weaknesses of the organizations culture that exist. The criminal justice system is like any other organization with organizational behavior.
             There several components in the criminal justice system. Each component has its own individual chain of command. The chain of command is effective in an organization if follow according to the policies and procedures. The police department plays an important role because offices have to deal with people in the communities. This organization focuses on the public, been professional, and executed services. Officers have to communicate between each other, society, and his or her supervisors. .
             During police research there is four types of behavior in the police department: service, detection, the use of force, use of arrest, and citations (Sherman, 1980). A detection activity includes traffic stops, investigative techniques, and field interrogation. Service activities is assisting citizens, mediating disputes, community policing activities, and engaging in problem solving. The action of police arrest and citation is also look at as well. Society looks at these actions when officers invoke the criminal justice system. Researchers also observed the corruption on the police force because of police discretion. Police discretion occur when an officer use good judgment in the line of duty. Discretion is important in the criminal justice department. Police officers trained on using discretion and he or she can make a choice base on .
             the course of action.

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