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Organizational Behavior

             Organizational behavior is the study and application of knowledge about how people, individuals, and groups act in organizations. The purpose of such study is to help internal incorporation, bring employees from all levels of the company closer together, and boost their performance. Employees are what make up an organization or a company. A company must run successfully; therefore, the employees have to work well together. People work differently and yet are alike in many ways. As a result of this characteristic among employees, an understanding of these differences and similarities must be considered again so we build better relationships within our work environment. Organizational behavior encompasses a broad range of topics from incorporating human behavior, teams, managers, leaderships, etc. .
             During my professional years, I have come to recognize three general main goals of companies: values, vision, and goals. One could refer to these goals as the purpose of a mission statement, the purpose that drives a company's employees. This set of values is what determines the kind of leadership, communication, and group motivation within the business. This behavior will motivate the employees, and produce the quality of work that is equivalent to their inspiration. This motivation is the key success of an individual, group, or whole organization. These results are the foundation from which a business or organization is managed.
             Diversity is an important factor in present-day management. Differences will always be present people and in a group. This is called conflict. Conflict is viewed in today's society as negative; however, it can be productive, effective, and develop communications and relationships among team or group members. This can lead to the growth of a company by employing constructive ideas and using their diversity to their advantage. If conflict is not managed in a process where it can lead to growth, then it will lead to the decline of an organization or a business.

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