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Individual and Group Organizational Behavior

            Individual and group behavior is affected by a wide range of variables, no matter what the setting of the subjects is. Within an organization, there are many levels to craft patterns of behavior: culture, management skills, psychology, and communication; all contribute to the development of organizational behavior. In short, organizational behavior is the study of behavior within a business oriented organization. The study can examine the behavior of individual employees, behaviors relating to employees as a whole, or organizational behaviors of all structural equipment.
             As a guide and influence organizational behavior research is a multilayer and can be approached from many angles. Often, the individual employee behavior is studied within an organizational environment, and behavioral interactions among coworkers in a group. Other times, scientists examine the general behavior attributed to the entire organization how, its policies, its ethics and its interactions with other organizations work. By observing employees and organizations, and the use of theoretical techniques and other experiments, Managers can determine the exact types of behavior within organizations. Indeed, an organizational structure becomes a culture. The behavior of individuals within that culture are guided by the goals, ethics and standards of the organization. Similarly, throughout the organization interacts with other businesses in a way, because it is aligned with your organizational culture. Education, values and beliefs may affect the performance of an organization.
             There are many theories in the study of organizational behavior. A popular theory concludes that the success of the organization depends on the identical behavior between employer and employee. This includes the ethical code policies, and objectives that guide the general behavior and decisions. When employers use behavioral theory, we are able to structure their organizational behavior OF all employees at all levels are working to achieve a similar result.

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