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Organizational Behavior

            Organizational behavior (OB) is the field of study in which we investigate or examine how individuals and their interactions affect each other and the organizations to which they belong. It is also the application of that knowledge in the organization.
             There are many types or organizations including governments, businesses, teams, clubs, charities and the like that work toward common goals. For example, the goal of a business is generally profit; the goal of a sports team is likely winning.
             Within an organization the members operate on different levels. Individuals may operate fairly independently (e.g. craftsmen), as team-leaders (e.g. managers), as members of a team, etc. An individual typically fills more than one of these roles, as no member of an organization is completely independent. A manager operates as him or herself, as a leader of the department and as a member of the management team. Groups consist of individuals and individuals comprise groups. The organization as a whole is made up of both.
             What makes an organization unique is typically its membership. There is a great deal of redundancy in the world v/s few organizations are the sole owners of an idea or a product. It is the individuals and their interactions within an organization that make the difference. The success or failure of an organization is determined by the interactions of the individuals and the groups. A study of the interactions can guide an organization to success if conclusions can be drawn from the study of organizational behavior, if they are valid and generalized top the business world and if the learning is applied.
             In order for conclusions to be valid, a scientific approach must be used. It is important to set aside assumptions about what "must be" if these have not already been examined, tested and shown to be valid themselves.
             A number of fields of study contribute to the study of organizational behavior.

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