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Organizational Behavior

             The definition of Organizational Behavior is often misunderstood by those nor aquatinted with this branch of science. There is a misperception that Organizational Behavior is a "common sense" application of observed human behavior. Defining Organizational Behavior at its applications illustrate the scientific nature of this fascinating field of study .
             Organizational Behavior 3.
             Definition of Organizational Behavior.
             Organizational Behavior is the science of studying the effects of human behavior on achieving organizational goals. Although interaction among social animals has existed since the evolution of time, the scientific study of the human effects on organizations is relatively recent. Adam Smith, an economist, is credited with the one of the first published works to explore the production efficiencies of an organized labor force. (Robbins, 67). Since then, there have been many advances in Organizational Behavior.
             A three-stage ascending model of the Individual, Groups and the Organization System has been adopted to represent the major divisions of Organizational Behavior. There are several disciplines that are associated with each of stage of the model. Psychology is associated with the Individual level. Sociology, Social Psychology, Anthropology and Political Science address the Group and Organization System levels of the model. The combinations of these three levels are the basis for Organizational Behavior. (Robbins, 25) .
             The primary focus of Organizational Behavior is providing managers with the skills and knowledge to achieve the organizational goals. Mangers accomplish their goals through other people. The four functions of a manager are to plan, organize, lead and control. Managers must plan the course of the organization. This includes defining goals, developing a strategy, and then implement a process that co-ordinates all of the activities necessary to achieve the desired outcome.

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