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Organizational Behavior Issues

             Accepting change is not an easy task, yet it is hard to imagine any organization making significant changes. It is almost impossible to envision an organization survival without adapting to changes. As mergers and acquisitions take place, massive amounts uncertainties take place. During the changes, it becomes the responsibility of the managers to support and encourage employees. It is essential to address the impact mergers and acquisitions have on all employees within an organization, what to investigate, ways to motivate change, and how to respond to issues.
             During the merger and acquisition process, the organization will need to address organizational behavior issues that ultimately affect the organization and its continued success. The field of organizational behavior involves why we do things and how it affects others, the behaviors of groups and cultures, how people influence each another, analyzing values and attitudes, and people's behavior with the influence of different politics. .
             The operating definition for the study of organizational behavior involves the importance of the manager's role, contingency conditions being accounted for, areas of interest such as diversity, empowerment, and ethics, and the social science disciplines to study organizational behavior. "Motivation, leader behavior and power, interpersonal communication, group structure and processes, learning, attitude development and perception, change processes, conflict, work design, and work stress" (Robbins, p. 17) are factors that must be considered regardless of the environment. The organization utilizes these processes to decide which issues are important and how to best handle them. .
             The decisions the organization makes based on its organizational behavior studies help to ensure smooth transitions, success in meeting goals and well informed, trustful employees for the duration of the merger process.

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