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Importance of Organizational Behavior

            Organizational behavior is the systematic study of the behavior and attitudes of both individuals and groups within an organization. These behaviors impact an employee's actions and reactions, job choices, job satisfaction and their well being. By understanding these behaviors, managers can become more effective in their direction and working with others within the organization. It impacts the attitudes and behavior of the individual and an organization. The principle of OB adds value to any business by discerning what is right and assesses the importance of preferences". (Finnegan, 2000). By understanding the difference organizational behavior makes on a business and how it adds value to that business, a manager will become more effective and construct a productive environment for their employees.
             Values represent an individuals" basic conviction to a specific mode of conduct or end-state of existence. These values help produce job satisfaction, higher productivity, and a positive perception of their job status. (Robbins, 2001). A business that invests time into clarifying vision, values and behavior adds focus and direction to the business. These investments produce employee retention, return on investment, profitability, and enhanced shareholder value. (Atkinson, 2003). Like any individual, an organization does its best work when it operates in harmony. By adding organizational behavior to a business, you therefore add value to the business making it more valuable.
             One of the differences that exist between the hard or technical manager and the soft or interpersonal manager is communication. Corporate communications are effective if it preserves desired behavior or changes behavior for the better. Communication initiatives only succeed if supported by managers and supervisors. They are the communication link. They utilize face-to-face communications, provide accurate information on the "grapevine", and utilize print, audio-visual and electronic communications.

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