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Organizational Behavior Issues

             Company mergers and acquisitions (M&A) bring out a host of organizational behavior issues which can require a great deal of finesse to effectively execute the event. An in-depth investigation into those issues must be carried out while keeping objectivity as one of the most important aspects of that investigation. Within any organization, there are three basic analytical focuses: the human issues presented by mergers at an individual and a cultural level, the organizational issues that these human concerns raise, and the resulting implications for managing the merger and acquisition process.
             Utilizing the above focuses, we have chosen the following six issues as those aspects that we will base our analysis on: Strategies and Motivation, Human Elements and Issues, Research and Evaluation. .
             Strategies and Motivation.
             When a company merges and communication issues are of concern, implementing strategic techniques is critical. When there is an acquisition of a business, communication breakdowns are inevitable. Having a comprehensive understanding of a company's structure flow can deter such communication issues. There are several strategies one must be cognizant of when communication becomes a barrier. .
             First of all, as mentioned above, having a universal knowledge of the company's structure flow is advantageous. This knowledge gives you insight on how communication routes are intended to be disseminated throughout the hierarchy of the company. .
             Second of all, having this universal knowledge of the company's structure flow will give you the perception you need to identify problem areas. Once problem areas are recognized, immediate attention to these areas can occur. There may be a need to restructure the communication flows within a company. There also may be a need to manage individual performance to rectify communication breakdown.
             Also there may be motivation issues that can occur during a company's merge.

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