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Trends in Hotel Organization

             The hotel industry is characterized by organizations that are ever changing, highly dynamic and constantly evolving environment. The challenges these hotel organizations are currently facing are making it difficult for companies to achieve competiveness and more and more companies are starting to implement competitive strategies in order to improve their performance and overall competitiveness. The quest for these companies to become competitive is giving rise to a variety of trends in the hotel industry. These sorts of trends mostly involve efforts by hotel organizations to improve their profitably. In this research paper, a discussion will be carried out about the current trends which are apparent in hotel organizations. In this analysis, the emphasis will be on a number of aspects and these include a review of literature about the current trends in relation to social marketing, innovative technology, customer satisfaction and corporate sustainability. .
             2.0 Trend of Social Marketing .
             In the hotel organization presently, there seems to be an increase in the use of real time┬ásocial marketing as a means to attract customers as well as to maintain effective customer relationships. Real time marketing takes place usually on the internet and via social media networks. This is becoming an increasingly popular method of marketing in hotel organizations as it enables non-stop marketing and it also greatly improves marketing effectiveness (Lovelock and Wirtz, 2011). These hotel organizations are not discarding traditional marketing altogether but they are supplementing it with real time marketing and it is starting to become an integral part of the marketing mix (Knowles, Diamantis and El-Mourhab, 2004). For example, a large number of hotel organizations are starting to have social media websites on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter and these websites provide all the required information to prospective and existing customers of these hotel organizations (Kotler and Kevin, 2009).

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