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China's Hotel Industry

             China's hospitality industry is growing very fast in recent years. Now, comparing with other countries China's hospitality industry has its own management system. Although it is one of the biggest industries in China, it still has many disadvantages, the hotel industry as part of it, also has many positions need to be improved. According to the World Tourism Organization, in the year 2020, china will be one of the main tourism target markets and tourism countries. The foreign leisure visitors will grow from 50,000,000 to 173,000,000 each year, and the growth range of tourism income will be more considerable (Li, 2001). At the present time, international tourism is coming into a brand-new period, which is said to be from the "Mass Tourism" to the "New Epoch Tourism." This paper will examine china's hotel industry from different perspectives, including sales, management, personnel, and development.
             In the western counties, Internet is the most popular way to look for hotels, rent cars, search maps, and do many other things. However in China, Internet still likes a baby. Most of China's hotels don't have their own website, some of them just have the name on the websites which are related to tourism. They don't think that the Internet will help them to bring business. .
             Accompany the application of the Information Technology, Internet sales became the easiest and the most effective sale way. According to the statistics of the Travel Industry Association of America, the sales of Internet tourism of 1997 is $ 820,000,000, and around 6,000,000 American people booked the hotel rooms online. The online sales can be designed into two parts, the outside network and the main page network (Gou, 2000). The outside network is the network that connects to the related hotel websites, tourism websites, and other websites; the main page network means the links on the website. The form of the website needs to fit people's reading custom, that means the website need to be read easily, and the customer can find the information they need easily.

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