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IBM Strategic Mission

            Strategies and Effectiveness Measure.
             • Organizational Strategies.
             IBM has 11 initiatives to follow as part of their organizational strategy to ensure effective and efficient operations. They are Portal, CRM, ERP, Strategic Outsourcing, Strategic Planning, Business Case, Business Process/ Organizational Change, E-Work/Intranet, Case Management, E-Learning, and IT Infrastructure/Enterprise Architecture.
             • Measure of Effectiveness.
             To determine the underlying benefits for operational efficiency and organizational effectiveness, the 11 initiatives are evaluated against eight KPIs s which were segmented into four performance categories.
             1) Information management: Promotes more effective and efficient data capture, storage, analysis and use to improve services and manage operations (KPI"S: Improve distribution of information and communication, Analyze information to improve decision-making, Improve data accuracy).
             2) Administer and deliver services: Reduces service delays and errors by improving the efficiency and effectiveness of internal administration and customer service processes (KPI's: Provide more efficient/effective customer service, Improve services delivery/cycle time.
             3) Employee development: Improves the efficiency and effectiveness of processes by helping employees to develop the necessary skills and knowledge to effectively administer and deliver services (KPI's: Improve employee cross-functional skills).
             4) Financial improvement: Reduces operating and service delivery costs to meet economic and budget pressures concerning data, processes and people management. (KPI's: Reduce costs of providing services and Reduce operational expenses).
             Current Network System.
             IBM networking today consists of essentially two separate architectures (SNA and Peer-Based Networking) that branch, more or less, from a common origin. Before contemporary networks existed, IBM's Systems Network Architecture (SNA) ruled the networking landscape, so it often is referred to as traditional or legacy SNA.

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