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Police, Criminals and Community Policing

            There is so much talk about getting tough on criminals or about developing community policing, with the lack of understanding of why crimes are happening. The policies are conceptual motivated by the crimes taken place, and some of the programs are useful when put into effect.
             Community Policing .
             Community policing is in a place to help police officers solve crimes, this method can become misunderstanding or not fit well if not totally the implemented correctly. Community policing seems to offer the best talks and conceptualization, and provides a promise for better future. But there is risk involved if there is no understanding of the calls for the crime, and not fully implemented in a car hence current comprehensive policy (Friedman). In the southeastern part of the United States has a conditional report which is significantly examined, the community policing program and operational practices of duty officers in the small city of the police department. The Commonwealth policing uses the agencies mission statement, policies in methods, reports, and duty officers 'viewpoints to determine if the operation of community policing program was in agreement. The community policing, does not totally understand the connection or the correct results after the outcome is revealed (Falcone, Wells, & Weisheit, 2002).
             The Centerville Police Department introduced community policing in 1992, in 1999, by the present commander of police it become department-wide. The department received national authorization from the commission of accreditation for law enforcement departments in 1986 (Falcone, Wells, & Weisheit, 2002). Community partnership is, created by the police in the course of community orientation problem-solving provides a ready framework for engaging citizen and help the cops to identify possible threats and implement preparedness plan. Community policing contributes to developing trust between the community and law enforcement, which allows officers to create knowledge of the community and resides activity and camp provide critical intelligence relation to potential terrorist action (Docobo, 2005).

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