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Police in the UK

             "The Police services of England and Wales should be independent of political influence and yet representative of the public they police-.
             Within this essay I will include the following subjects:.
             Accountability of the Police.
             The Tripartite system.
             The Police Authority.
             Home Office.
             Chief Constables.
             "Quis custodiet ipsos custodies?- - (Who shall guard the guards?).
             "Accountability pre supposes both about what constitutes and acceptable performance and about the language of justification to be used by actors in defending their conduct. Furthermore, it implies a definition of a relationship between actors. To talk about accountability is to define who can call for an account and who owes a duty of explanation."" .
             The police are the specialist carriers of the state bedrock power: the monopoly of legitimate force. It is clearly shown today that there is a danger of abuse, which was expressed by several groups who are against the beginning of a modern police service within the UK, during the early part of the nineteenth century.
             Political and social polarisation grew dramatically during the 1970's and the early part of the 1980's which caused the police service to become disordered in many controversies. .
             The Police Act 1964 started the fabrication of the governance for the police service's within the UK and the components of the system for complaint management against the police. .
             Over the last twenty years there have been huge changes in the legal and constitutional status of the Police. Their accountability has been transformed by a set of overt changes in statute and case law. The Police and Criminal Evidence Act (1984) (PACE) attempted a code of practice and duties of a police officer to investigate crime. The Crime and Disorder Act 1998 was started to give a new statutory responsibility to local authorities for the development of local crime and disorder strategies with the police force.

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