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Rave Culture and Youth in the UK

             Nowadays the nature of youth culture in the UK is constantly changing owing to various factors. The Ideologies, aspirations and attitudes of young people are different in comparison to those in the 20th century. One of the key factors that has played a part in this transformation of younger generations and society is "Rave culture." Usually, this is the live performance involving electronic dance music and is accompanied by a huge "flock" of people. Furthermore, the revellers, members of rave party, were also infamous owing to the use of drugs such as alcohol, MDMA and LSD. In addition, the use of narcotics has made the parties unique because the perception of music is different, while an individual is influenced by drugs. Thus, M. Collin (2009) maintains that it was phenomenal type of entertainment ever known in the 1980s. .
             Historical Background - Emergence .
             In the early 1940-1945, the economic status of the United Kingdom was severely damaged due to The Second World War. Since then, Britain struggled to revive financially and socially. Eric Arthur Blair (1940) stated that the future was in question because any changes, which could occur in England, were supposed to be caused by revolution. In other words, the entire British class structure and society had to be amended. However, the English journalist was wrong. What happened in reality was that the United Kingdom overcame the dark years of the war era and emphasised the economic and social recovery at the beginning of the 1960s. Thus, further years of affluence occurred in Britain. As a result, this completely changed the lifestyle of citizens, providing them with higher incomes and more time for leisure. .
             Moreover, the political system was no longer draconian and was undermined by the infamous "Profumo Affair", the sexual relationship between one of the members of Parliament and the elite prostitute in 1961.

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