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             Our project is on a sub-culture group called Ravers. The dictionary defines the word "rave- as a gathering or party where people, mostly teenagers and twenty some-things, come together to listen to music and dance. Ravers aren't from any one country in particular. However the first modern raves started in and around London in the late 1980's. Since then they have grown throughout Europe, United States, Canada, and Japan. Raves are now held in pretty much every city or town, whether it be heavily populated or in the middle of cornfields.
             Geographic location, climate:.
             As mentioned above, geographic location varies. Raves are held in just about every major city in the United States especially in California, New York, and Florida, as well as Canada, UK, and Japan. Raves are usually held in an abandoned warehouse, a club, a beach, a field, an aircraft hangar or a sports arena. Pretty much anywhere you could fit a massive sound system and a lot of people. Climate varies in all of these locations because they are spread all across the world. Depending on the time of year, climate will vary from location to location.
             Ravers don't really have a set economic system because it is a sub-culture. You don't have to be poor or rich to be a raver. Raves attract all kinds of people. They can cost anywhere from $5 - $50. Usually the number of people at a rave is unimportant, it can range from 50 people to 25,000 people. The cost of attendance is unimportant too because there are some good raves and some bad raves at both cost spectrums. It has been said that the higher the price is, the more commercial the even and lower the quality.
             Government/Political Factors:.
             There is no one set government for ravers. The people in charge of raves are most often ravers themselves or ex-ravers. They are given the tile called promoters. However, there are three different types of raves that can determine whether or not government is involved with it.

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