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Rave Culture

             What is a Rave? Is it a place to just do drugs all night or is they"re something more to this life style? This is a question many people do not ask themselves because Raves have been affiliated with drugs so much that the whole meaning of Raves is destroyed. To the eyes of the public and some who attend raves, it is just a place for drugs. The dictionary meaning of rave is, 1 a: to talk irrationally in or as if in delirium b: to speak out wildly c: to talk with extreme enthusiasm 2: to move or advance violently. The following quotes will explain what a rave is in general terms.
             "In general practice, a `rave` usually refers to a party, usually all night long, open to the general public, where loud `techno` (House) music is mostly played and many people partake in a number of different chemicals, though the latter is far from necessary. The number of people at the event is unimportant; it can range from 50 people to 25,000 people. The cost of attendance is also unimportant - there have been good raves and bad raves at both ends of the cost spectrum (though in practice, the higher the price, the more commercial the event, and the lower the quality.) At a rave, the DJ is a shaman, a priest, a channeller of energy - they control the psychic voyages of the dancers through his choice in hard-to-find music and their skill in manipulating that music, sometimes working with just a set of beats and samples, into a tapestry of mind bending music. A large part of the concept of raves is built upon sensory overload - a barrage of audio and very often visual stimuli are brought together to elevate people into an altered state of physical or psychological existence" (Hyperreal).
             "I walked into a space, and was immediately struck speechless. The bass was rattling the mirrors on the far wall. There were laser beams everywhere. The music shot into the core of my body and I moved, I just moved, all night long.

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