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Rave Culture

             On the day this I-search paper was I assigned I knew my paper was going to involve music. Music, when striking the ear, causes nerve impulses to flow into the brain and result in a pleasurable sensation. Music causes our hearts to beat faster, body temperature to rise, feet to tap, and minds to become completely engulfed. I believe the process of music and the process of life will always be closely related. As long as humans thrive, music will accompany and sustain it giving life an expressive meaning. Like life itself, music never ends, it can always be re-created. Thus the greatest moments of the human spirit may be deduced from the greatest moments of music (Palmer, 1995). Music has remained something that people can believe in. It is tried and true, direct, honest, and a source of identity that is continually self-rewarding. .
             Instead of writing this paper from a textbook subject like music history, I decided to choose a topic that has not been researched by a lot of experts. I wanted to pick a topic that is relatively recent and closely related to my generation. Music changes with every generation and every generation needs its ecstatic rituals (Ansen, 2000). The seventies have disco, the eighties have Michael Jackson, the nineties have grunge, and today's kids have techno music and raves (Heatly, 1993). .
             My only experience with raves was about six months ago and I did not understand the concept. A friend who promised I would enjoy the experience talked me in to going. I can not say I enjoyed it but it was an experience. I had no idea what a rave was at the time, therefore I was completely shocked. I felt like I entered a different world due to the loud techno music, the lights and special effects, and the clothing worn by all the ravers. I felt over-whelmed and I left after thirty minutes. When this paper was assigned I spent a lot of research time thinking of a topic that connected to music and that I was interesting in learning more about.

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