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             How many of you have been to raves or clubs within the last few months? Have you ever wondered what keeps ravers dancing all night? You are probably all aware of the intense use of drugs in these type of scenes. And recently, one of the most popular drugs being Ecstasy. Some common nicknames for Ecstasy are "E," wonder drug, XTC, or rolls and can be found in the form of a pill, capsule, or powder. The active ingredient in Ecstasy is the drug called MDMA. It can be taken orally where it takes anywhere from 15-30 minutes to start feeling the effect or you can crush it up and sniff where you feel it almost instantly. It has also been labeled a designer drug because each pill has it own particular shape and color in addition to that they each have their own particular logo such as car emblems, and other types of pictures. Ecstasy is usually present at rave parties, which you are all familiar with. A rave is basically an all night party where trance and techno music is played usually by a deejay. A very popular spot in NYC is club exit where almost everyone in the club is high off ecstasy or other mind altering drugs. Ravers dressed up in loose fitting clothes and carry with them pacifiers, lollipops, vix vaporub, and glow sticks are. But recently, ecstasy has been reaching frat houses and high schools. The drug costs pennies to make, but will sell for $20 to $30 a pill. In clubs, 20 people could easily offer the drug to you and another 100 could probably ask if you have any for sale. This goes to show just how prevalent ecstasy is. One of the most dangerous aspects of ecstasy is the authenticity of the drug. It has been found that as much as 20% of the so-called ecstasy sold at raves contains other drugs like aspirin, caffeine and some other over the counter drugs. Some pills even contain a cheap cough suppressant that causes hallucinations. Manufacturers convert abandoned barns or garden sheds into ecstasy factories and mix chemicals in dirty cans.

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