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             Source: Sunday Mercury, Midland Independent Newspaper, November 3, 2002 | Headline: Dance With Death; The Latest Club Drug Is A Killer by Martyn Leek.
             A recent Home Office report stated that Ecstasy can now be bought for as little.
             As 50p from Amsterdam laboratories. A pill sold for 1 pound would still make.
             100% profit for a dealer. .
             The price of Ecstasy has recently decreased worldwide due to the introduction of newer drugs to the market. For instance, Ecstasy can now be bought for 50 pounds from Amsterdam laboratories. A single Ecstasy pill sold for only 1 pound will still make 100% profit to a dealer.
             Source: Coventry Evening Telegraph | Tuesday, January 15, 2002 | Headline: CLUB .
             DRUGS LINK TO MENTAL ILLNESS | No Author Specified.
             Users of the club drug Ecstasy are 25% more likely to develop mental health problems than non-users. A survey of 1000 readers Mixmag, a dance culture magazine in the UK, was conducted recently. This survey showed that one out of four had developed a potentially serious mental illness and were more likely a psychiatrist. In the study, 98% of readers admitted taking Ecstasy on a regular basis. .
             Ecstasy can cause paranoia, panic attacks and depression.
             Source: ISSUES & CONTROVERSIES | Title: Ecstasy Use Debated (sidebar) | September 27, 2002 | Facts on File News Services.
             MDMA, also known as "Ecstasy", is an artificial that augments the levels of serotonin in the brain. Ecstasy, or "E", is usually taken at nightclubs and all-night parties called "raves". This drug is very popular among teenagers. They say that it enhances their energy levels and makes them feel happy and euphoric.
             Heatstroke and dehydration are some of the side effects of MDMA. Its stimulating effect can cause its users to go beyond their physical limits and overheat their bodies. Dehydrated users become thirsty and consume large amounts of water in short periods of time. This behavior can cause a lack of oxygen in the brain and can result in a coma or in death.

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