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             Ecstasy, illegal in almost every country around the world has been found to still be one of the biggest markets in the illegal drug industry. Ecstasy has a short history and is first found being used medically, until being using as an illegal drug. Ecstasy produces effects that are unique to the drug and also causes various side effects in the body. Over the years United States federal agencies have been trying to work on removing the ecstasy population. Controlling the flow of ecstasy requires an educated public and a well-trained federal agent. .
             History of Ecstasy.
             The word ecstasy is derived from the Greek language and defined as state of exaltation in which the self is transcended. The word covers a range of phenomena from mysticism to spirit possession. Ecstasy was first discovered by Merck pharmaceuticals in 1912. Ecstasy is MDMA, or 3,4-Methylenedioxymethamphetamine. It belongs to a family of drugs called "entactogens," which literally means "touching within." Other drugs in this category include MDA, MDE and MBDB. In the 1970's MDMA was used as a treatment in mental wards. Many of the patients taking MDMA experienced relaxation that allowed them to be more open with the doctors about their feelings. In the early 1980's ecstasy was being used as an alternative to other drugs for the uses of achieving a "high" that would make the person feel good. However it was made illegal in 1985. Studies are currently underway in Spain and Israel assessing MDMA's effectiveness in the treatment of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). .
             Ecstasy has had a wide appeal among young people in the dance world. MDMA has allowed clubbers to experience a feeling during dancing that claims to be a nirvana of emotions. Such dances that usually include ecstasy are known as raves or very large parties in nightclubs or any open large area. Many raves are illegal and are organized be a small group of people and are only publicized by word of mouth or an information hot line.

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