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Community Policing and Terrorism in Vietnam

            The war on terrorisms has had many lost souls, this war has been the most expensive war is history and not a lot of countries are in favor of it. Terrorism is the affected, use of violence to bring forth fear. Terrorism may be motivated by political, religious, or ideological ideas. The base of terrorism is to produce fear in someone to make a government change its political attitude. Although it is relatively new in the mainstream world, extremists have practiced terrorism to generate fear and compel a change in behavior throughout history. First, this paper will discuss how the terms extremism and terrorism are actually relate? This short piece would try to answer the question by discussing the proportion that while all terrorists are extremist's violence, not all extremists are terrorists. Besides providing clear definitions about those terms, this essay will also try to explain and assess the definitions by and examples. The term extremist violent and terrorism may share some similarities, but, in fact, they have subtle differences. Perhaps, it is more likely understandable that all terrorists are extremists, but the question that might be raised is: Does employing an extreme political, religious, or ideological view necessarily entail terrorism? Juergensmeyer (2003) argued that the terms extremism and terrorism are difficult to be defined. However, Pressman &ump; Flockton (2014) point of view about the terms, it is more likely acceptable that while extremism does not require violent actions, terrorism always requires violence to achieve some political goals. Violent extremism is different to terrorism in terms of the intention to cause fear and terror in civilians or decision makers. For example, violent environmentalists or violent anti-abortionist may perhaps use violent means in their actions but generally have not indicated the intention to kill people indiscriminately, or destruct public facilities to cause fear in public domain (Pressman &ump; Flockton, 2014, p.

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