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Research And Development

             Research and Development Submitted by John McNeely Table of Contents Page/s Mission and Purpose of Research and Development . 2 Development Strategies 3 Organization of Research and Development . 3 Technological Advances through R & D . 4 Invention . 4 Innovation 5 Diffusion . 6 Imitation and R & D Incentives . 6 Imitation Problem . 7 . Patents . 7 Copyrights and Trademarks 8 Brand Name Recognition 9 Trade Secrets . 9 Research and Development Expenditures . 10 University and Government Scientific Research 10 Technological Advancement and Development of Modern PC . 12 Research for New Materials . 16 Research and Future Trends 19 .
             28 RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT MISSION AND PURPOSE OF RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT Manufacturing companies" Research and Development (R & D) groups significantly contribute to United States" fast-paced industrial technology development. They promote industrial growth, and enhance the social well-being of the people. Normally, companies, especially those with enough resources, accept research contracts from the government and the private-sector to undertake the research of: - Medium and long-term applied research in development of generic, forward-looking, and advanced technologies; - Short-term research to improve processes and to develop new products according to industrial needs. Most reset projects will go through a trial mass production to ensure the feasibility of new industrial technologies and plans for strategic withdrawals upon project completion. The research results are disseminated to the industrial sector in a timely and appropriate fashion in accordance with the principles of justice, fairness, and openness.

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