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Compare Contrast

             I have chosen to compare and contrast two different colleges of business management. The first school I am researching is Keller University, also Milliken University in Decatur, Illinois. Keller Graduate School of management has degrees through a mixture of classrooms and online instruction. However; Milliken has just in class schooling. Both Keller and Milliken are taught by faculty members. Keller and Milliken have Master degree programs. .
             Students in both colleges can go part time or full time depending on their schedule. Keller is one of the nations largest business management program. Milliken has a small business program. They both have a degree of master of business administration programs. At Milliken University you can graduate in 6 months. In Keller it takes a couple of years to get your degree. Both colleges have a real school of business. Milliken offers a full range of business majors. Both colleges have international abroad school programs for the students. .
             You can get a campus tour of both campuses. But you"ll need to set up an appointment with the coordinator to visit. In both campus visits you can meet the professors and attend the classes. Also you can talk with the students at their leisure. .
             Milliken and Keller have faculty members that really like to teach. They are both committed to the students. They both are committed to effective curriculum. Keller is however updated in every teaching system. Also Milliken has a updated teaching system. They also succeed to improve student's academic goals. They both provide an environment that holds lifelong educational growth. .
             Both schools hold students from all over the world and nationwide. A lot of fields are filled up as needed after students graduate from both colleges. In Keller they bridge the gap and let the students reach the goals they are leaning towards. You can join a student organization for a professional business in students.

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